North Arrow Minerals – Naujaat Access Route


EcoLogic and Onsite were retained by North Arrow Minerals to review and identify a preferred access route from the village of Naujaat, Nunavut, to North Arrow’s Q1-4 Kimberlite, the largest diamondiferous kimberlite pipe in the eastern Canadian Arctic.

Along with improving transportation infrastructure, benefits of the proposed access route include improved community access, reduced transportation costs for goods and services, and economic benefits associated both with potential resource development and construction and maintenance of the road system.

The EcoLogic/Onsite team assessed environmental and engineering constraints and opportunities, and developed a land cover classification system to in order to map the ecosystems and landforms associated with the access route options. The team then determined a preferred access option and identified a pathway for permitting of the project, taking into account community input, requirements of regulatory agencies, and timelines needed for data collection and equipment mobilization.