City of Grand Forks Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory Mapping

EcoLogic was hired by the City of Grand Forks to complete Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI) Mapping of the municipality. The project included working with city staff to map the full extent of ecosystems in the city, classifying them by type and also categorizing ecosystems as sensitive, important, and not sensitive. The final product described the..

De Beers Canada Inc. Chidliak Diamond Exploration Project

Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. contracted EcoLogic to prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement Guidance Plan for the Chidliak Diamond Exploration Project in 2015. The plan provided direction for Peregrine‚Äôs management regarding the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process in Nunavut. EcoLogic’s Guidance Plan included: a summary of the requirements outlined by the Nunavut Impact Review Board regarding..

De Beers Landform Creation and Closure Planning

EcoLogic assisted with landform creation and closure planning of a De Beers mine in the James Bay region of northern Ontario. The project involved mapping the existing terrain, soils, and ecosystems of the area to assess the quality of available reclamation materials, and modelling landforms that could feasibly be created given the anticipated hydrology of..