EcoLogic News and Events

EcoLogic was hired to provide black bear management for a cable TV show being filmed in Britannia Beach, BC, in August 2017. A curious two-year-old black bear was hanging around near the production site so it was decided to have bear monitors around the periphery of the set. During the third day on set, one of EcoLogic’s bear monitors, Matt Henderson, found a passport belonging to a  Prince Edward Island man.  Along with the passport was a copy of the man’s resume, which contained his contact information, so Matt contacted the man and found his passport had been stolen five days earlier. The man had been travelling by motorcycle across Canada and was planning on travelling into the United States and Mexico before returning to PEI. Within 45 minutes of Matt’s call, the passport was back in its owner’s possession. He was heading into Vancouver that day and was about to drive back across Canada to his home when he got the call. Back on track, the man said his farewells and continued on his original travel plans.