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EcoLogic Consultants Ltd.

EcoLogic was formed with the idea that working with the environment is a way of thinking, believing and living. Understanding the landscape, and working collaboratively with communities and companies, allows for the goals, objectives, scope, priorities, and outcomes to be formed based on collective interests and values.

We apply reason and logic to resource planning and management, executed through breadth and depth of experience. We embrace the perspective that the path of sustainability requires acknowledgement that wealth is not just economic; it is fundamentally the health of our environment and our communities. EcoLogic draws from the expertise of our professional disciplines and from community knowledge holders; respect for diverse knowledge informs our work. This approach provides a comprehensive understanding that enables informed decision-making.

Key services include infrastructure permitting, technical reviews, monitoring/auditing, environmental assessments, terrain assessments, ecosystem mapping, contaminated site investigations, agricultural assessments, water quality assessment and monitoring, reclamation and rehabilitation, and aquatic and wildlife biology services. We have extensive experience in providing senior guidance to the environmental assessment and permitting process, throughout Canada and beyond.