EcoLogic is associated with Onsite Engineering Ltd. (Onsite). Onsite provides a broad spectrum of high quality, innovative, and operationally realistic engineering and geotechnical solutions to industry, government, and residential clients. The broad spectrum of engineering and geotechnical solutions available through Onsite creates opportunities for cost-effective solutions within tight time frames. EcoLogic and Onsite are active together on several mining projects throughout Canada. This allows us to coordinate the environmental assessment process with engineering design, which allows us to mitigate environmental issues at the design phase. This is the most effective way to engage in project development, as we avoid many conflicts between environmental values and project infrastructure that could otherwise arise.

Onsite Services include:

  • Pre-engineering and construction surveys
  • Cost estimates, tendering and construction, supervision and site inspection
  • Municipal design and infrastructure replacement (design, costs, supervision, and commissioning)
  • Municipal infrastructure modeling and planning
  • Subdivision feasibility studies (cost estimates, budgeting)
  • Storm water management plans, design and construction of storm water systems
  • Liaison and negotiations with approving authorities
  • Project management
  • Land development planning & design
  • Parks and trail planning
  • Resort & tourism development
  • Resource and light urban road reconnaissance, survey, and design
  • Bridge and major culvert design
  • Retaining wall and reinforced earth structure design
  • Independent power project (IPP) development
  • Foundation geotechnical and site drainage investigations
  • Terrain stability assessments and mapping
  • Landslide stability investigation & remediation
  • Watershed & hydrological assessments
  • Road deactivation prescriptions/supervision

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