Environmental Assessment and Planning

Our approach to environmental assessment and planning is to get it right the first time. Fundamentally, this involves getting to know the land and listening to the people. We work with proponents, communities, First Nation leadership and members, and government to create studies and assessments that are well planned at the design phase. Our approach includes:

  • engaging local communities and First Nation members early in the process to guide baseline data collection, selection of valued components, and evaluation of potential effects;
  • designing for the future: tailoring data collection programs to address perceived and potential issues;
  • ensuring that relevant regulatory requirements form part of the planning process and that appropriate permits and approvals are acquired;
  • evaluating existing conditions and proposed changes from a multi-disciplinary perspective that focuses on the interconnections between environmental components;
  • evaluating potential effects at a spatial and temporal scale that is ecologically relevant; and
  • providing mitigation measures that are ecologically sound and technically achievable.