Rare Species and Ecosystems Management

EcoLogic staff, along with highly regarded expert contractors, offer a variety of services regarding at-risk and rare species. We have experience completing complex surveys, including multi-year projects. Our ecologists have also completed numerous rare species research projects, including several ongoing multi-year studies. As part of our mapping services, we also regularly identify and map ecosystems-at-risk as per BC Conservation Data Centre procedures.

Services include:

  • Desktop reviews of potential rare species
  • Survey design
  • Field surveys and reporting
  • Species specific management plans
  • Translocation planning for development sites

Current and recent projects include:

  • Multi-year BC Hydro rare vascular plant surveys and translocation plans
  • Rare vascular plant, lichen and bryophyte surveys for proposed mines
  • Long-term mollusc surveys and habitat assessments
  • Design of mollusc critical habitat spatial models
  • General presence/not detected surveys
  • Mapping vascular plants and ecosystem Element Occurrences for the BC CDC using NatureServe Biotics software